New Composing Visual Music video is out (#5). Check it!

My piece “Variazioni su Space Invader” for two cellos, electronics and visuals is going to be performed on 4/27 by the Nebula Ensemble at the Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Sanctuary in Denver Colorado. Check out this link for details...and here is a preview of the visuals and electronics

Here is the review of the EcoMuse concert where I performed the live electronics of “Recession” by Christoper Trapani with Dinosaur Annex at Third Life Studios (1/18)

mic_externals a collection of MaxMSP tools for algorithmic composition and sound visualization is now available for download from GitHub

Check out new videos of Group Flow, thank you Mikey Siegel for making me a part of it!

Check out my new series of tutorials “Composing Visual Music”

Nebula Ensemble commission: piece for two cellos, live electronics and visuals is in the works (performance date TBA)

Joined Mikey Seigel and the Consciousness Hacking team as Max developer (9/1)

Aldo Clementi’s System: lecture at Boston Conservaory (10/5)

Invited speaker at University of Limerick (Ireland) (7/19)

World Premiere of “OstinataMente” for brainist and viola at the MIT Museum as part of the Cambridge Science Festival

Read my interview (in Italian) on armando adolgisio.it

The Open Music Composer’s Book Vol. 3 with my chapter is out!

My article “Deus ex Machina: Uncovering Aldo Clementi’s System”  is out on Perspectives of New Music (54, no. 1)

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