Parallax submission




Audio visual Installation  for the International Conference on Auditory Display

Description of the process and ideas behind the “Waveform” installation:



Variazioni su Space Invader (2017)

(Commissioned and Performed by Nebula Ensemble)

For two cellos, electronics and visuals


Short bio

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory at Brandeis University in 2014. I currently teach audio-visual composition and music technology at University of Virginia. My research focuses on generative algorithmic systems, interactivity and music visualization. In my recent projects I challenge traditional ways in which mu- sic is experienced by creating interactive platforms for immersive multi-sensory experiences. Along these lines of research, I developed CINC (Computer Interface for Neuro-Composition) an audio-visual interface that reacts to a user’s Electroencephalogram data feed generating audio-visual textures. I have presented this work at various conferences in England, Brazil and more recently at the MIT Science Museum as part of a Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble commission for the Cambridge Science Festival. I am also working on several projects as a free-lance software developer on different platforms such as MaxMSP, Python and Javascript. I recently joined the Consciousness Hacking team to work on Group Flow: a project aimed at creating open–source sensor sonification software for meditative practices. I am currently developing soft- ware tools and practices to write generative audio-visual pieces.