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Nonlinear Sequencing

Download the zip of the Max project containing examples of nonlinear sequencers. As this is a a proof of concept for the nonlinear sequencer idea, these examples employ simple (square) oscillators and envelopes (no sound treatment or special attention to the quality of generated sound) so that the rhythmic qualities of the patches are left to be observed.

download the patches here:


Audiovisual Examples

PLEASE NOTE: The following examples are not created using Nonlinear sequencing



The OM Composer Book vol.3 (chapter)

Perspectives of New Music:

Article about Aldo Clementi’s algorithmic technique



Group Flow: interactive meditation

Recently I have joined forces with the Consciousness Hacking team of Mikey Seigel to work on Group Flow. I developed some sonification patches mostly with granular techniques

CINC: Computer Interface for Neuro Composition

Presentation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Instructional videos