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Acoustic Music

In my acoustic writing I develop generative algorithms that I tweak and transcribe as acoustic scores. These processes are described in detail in the IRCAM publication “The OM Composer Book vol.3” (click below to read


Acoustic sample 1

Variazioni Su AlDoClEmenti is a piece for chamber orchestra written using generative algorithms designed in OpenMusic.


First Movement: Invenzione

Acoustic sample 2

He-li-Be-B is a saxophone quartet performed by the Radnofski Quartet in 2011

Boron (IV Movement)

Commercial and Library Music

Soundtrack for “WalkExperience” iPhone App

Traffic: library music



Ibuprofen is an audiovisual piece for 360 projection and 16 channels submitted for the CobeFest at Virginia Tech. The sample posted below is an excerpt rendered for flat screen and stereo audio. The audiovisual objects in the video are designed to rotate around the audience both as visuals and audio. This work is a good representation of the current state of my research, how it is interested in the audiovisual binding of the objects and how the binding affects the perception of the musical texture.