Michele Zaccagnini composes music for acoustic, electroacoustic and audio—visual media. His acoustic music has been performed in the US by ensembles such as the International Contemporary Ensemble of New York, Lydian String Quartet, White Rabbit, and in Europe  by the Dèdalo Ensemble and L’Arsenale. His current work is concerned with multi—media composition and music perception. His research on  has been presented at University of Plymouth within the First International Workshop of Brain Computer Music Interface, at the Ircam Forum Conference in Sao Paulo, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Michigan Technological University within the 29th International Conference on Auditory Display. His scholarly work focuses on algorithmic composition and has been published by Perspective of New Music and by Ircam.

His teachers include Martin Boykan, Yu-Hui Chang, Frank Corcoran and Eric Chasalow.